About MCW


Imagine living in a world of confidence, a world where everyone is comfortable in their skin. Everyone has their own unique look, and this blog is going to help you embrace your individuality while keeping you up to date on the latest in fashion. I always say; I dress to impress myself! The clothes you wear represent so much more than pieces of fabric sewn together. The clothes you put on every morning should represent how you feel about yourself. Your outfit should speak on your behalf without you mumbling a single word.

My name is Michael Corey, a native of Washington, DC. I currently reside in the DC metropolitan area where I work as a publications coordinator for a nonprofit organization. When I’m not at work, I’m reading and staying up to date on the latest in the fashion world, styling clients for various events and networking as much as possible. I hold a BA in communications and will graduate with a MA in fashion journalism spring 2014.

At the age of 25, I am still excited about what tomorrow will bring. I’m always open to learn and looking forward to my success a fashion stylist. I love to embrace the inspiration that surrounds me throughout my day. There’s a quote that I believe to be the key to success: “Expect more than others think is possible, Dream more than others think is practical, Risk more than others think is safe.”

As always, remember to Dress to Impress Yourself! 😉


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