Ready, Set, Go!

Believe it or not, but Summer is practically here. With the warm weather comes less clothes. Ladies, I want to show you how to dress for the summer, look good in your clothes all while still keeping it classy!

Ps. I recently discovered Polyvore in the last few months and I have fallen IN LOVE with the concept. I have created a few summer looks for the ladies that compliment various shapes and sizes.


This outfit compliments both the apple and pear-shaped woman.


This is a good outfit for the hourglass, apple and rectangle-shaped women.


This is also good for the rectangle-shaped women. the peplum top will give the illusion of shape oppose to straight up and down.


This a-line skirt is very universal and could be worn by pretty much any shape woman. As for the crop top, use good judgement as to if you feel your mid-section is ready to be exposed.


In a previous post, I broke down all of the different wide-leg pants for your shape ladies. This is another universal outfit but just adjust the pant to best compliment your shape.


This is a good set for the pear, apple and hourglass shaped women. I would suggest rectangle-shaped women to stay away from this because it would not compliment your straight up and down figure.


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