Flashback Thursday

Welcome to Flashback Thursday’s. Today we’re going to take a look at how we can incorporate the free-spirited style of the 70’s into our looks today. Early 1970’s fashion was a fun and free era for fashion. Chest hair, medallions, butterfly collars, bell bottoms, skin-tight shirts, tight fitting pants and floral shirts are just a few of the many looks of this period. One of the trends that continue to resurface in fashion is the wide-leg pant. Many designers and celebrities still rock this looks today.



Because there are so many different type of wide-leg pants, they are great for all body shapes.

                                           Pear Shapes                                    Apple Shapes


                                       Hourglass Shape                             Rectangle Shape


Jumpsuits, maxi dresses and skirts are another way to incorporate the 70’s into your looks.




As for the guys, you can incorporate the 70’s look by wearing a fitted suit, also referred to as European cut, and a skinny tie. This is common look among men today. Although this is a widely sort after look, remember, everything is not for everyone. Guys who are heavy on the bottom (thick thighs, hippy etc.) may want to stay away from the fitted bottoms.



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